Most people by now have heard a reference to the chakras, but what are they? In many eastern religions they have been named and given all sorts of names, patterns, objects, sounds, crystals, planets, the list goes on and on, and builds as more people and sects play with this idea. So, what is a […]

Intuition and DejaVu

Every one of us at some point has been to a place in our lives that makes us wish that there was someone that would just tell you what the right choice is. What the right direction is. Good news, there is. Its a subtle nagging in your head. A nervous feeling in your gut. […]

So you’ve begun your energy journey!

You’ve discovered what the world of energy has to offer and you are excited, or perhaps you are apprehensive. The important thing is that you are here, and you are listening. You’ve listened to a little twinge that has brought you to the door of an energy healer. Now you are sitting at the phone […]