Raising Funds

In the last few years I’ve undergone an amazing journey in my energy learning. I’ve gotten my Reiki Masters, achieving a childhood goal. I also seem to be always reading some book about energy or taking another course. I am now looking at the new adventure the universe has dropped in my lap. Yoga teacher. […]

Starting My Own Healing Journey

I see now as I have travelled more intently on the path of self healing that I have been doing it since I first learned what an aura was. Since I first picked up a copy of The Celestine Prophecy, and began to practice the insights. I found a sense of purpose and drive when […]

Raising Your Vibration

There are many benefits to choosing to raise your vibration, but as I found out when choosing to raise my own it was not something to be done lightly or quickly. I’ve been working on slowly raising my own personal frequency on and off for 2 years. I have learned much about myself in that […]