Sunny Phoenix

There were days that scorched and blazed. Days the phoenix energy burned strong. Southern flame drew close and warmed my skin. Earth was hot and baked. I welcomed the burning embrace. I fed it my own fire. I fed it. Watched it burn. Tears steam. I called upon the Phoenix fire, I let it gain […]

Raven Warrior Heart

Mornings came on the farm sometimes much to my dismay. Some days I just didn’t want to get up and do life. My connection with the birds would not allow this. Tap! Tap! Tap! upon the steel. Reminding me that the darkness does not hide in day, it bows to it. Allows its time to […]

Alchemy Compass

I found myself in a very uneasy place in my head. Everything whizzed by my eyes at terrifying speed. Possible time lines, thoughts, emotions; of people, plants and animals. My view was blinding my ability to see it all and take it in. I was burning out. Thats when I came back to doing a […]

Healing among the Raspberries

I recently traveled to BC to pick berries on a raspberry farm. I left within a week of finding out about the opportunity. I packed up my rented room in Toronto and got on a plane. I grew up on a farm so the idea of doing that much physical work paused me. My guides […]