Healing among the Raspberries

I recently traveled to BC to pick berries on a raspberry farm. I left within a week of finding out about the opportunity. I packed up my rented room in Toronto and got on a plane. I grew up on a farm so the idea of doing that much physical work paused me. My guides assured me I could do it. I watched some inspiration in the form of youtube, Thanks Teal and Gigi, took a deep breath and allowed. I released my control and let the raspberry thrown at me take me. Literally one of my guides hurled a raspberry at me during a meditation, I have never had so many raspberries show up in my life well before season starts! I was smelling them everywhere, including downtown Toronto. I went with the knowing that this trip would forever change me and that is exactly what I found. My soul recognized the woman who waited for us at the airport, and my soul recognized so many more adventurers who came to the farm.

There was a deep meditation found among the bushes that I never expected given my previous experiences picking berries. Some days I listened to music and podcasts, others it was the chatter of the birds. I dove deep into nature, let my energy loose in the mountain, dug my bare feet deep into the warm earth. I faced some real fears and some emotional turmoil. I shed some major baggage and worked, and I mean worked off huge anger. I cried, I laughed till I cried. The universe dealt some hard lessons but I rode the waves. I gave my sweat and tears to the earth and let it give back to me all that I needed.


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