Alchemy Compass

I found myself in a very uneasy place in my head. Everything whizzed by my eyes at terrifying speed. Possible time lines, thoughts, emotions; of people, plants and animals. My view was blinding my ability to see it all and take it in. I was burning out. Thats when I came back to doing a compass. I add the elements which is common in both Alchemy and witchcraft. I spent the entirety of a morning in the field doing this exercise long and slow. I timed it on how long it wished to move and once I finished and came back to my body entirely I heard the whistle for lunch.

Standing feet shoulder width apart eyes closed facing East.

Take a moment to allow your mind to become present.

Draw in the energies of the East through each inhale through the mouth.

Bathe the crown, third eye and throat in the air energy of the East

Draw the energies down to your tanden.

Each exhale, release tension, continue until your belly begins to warm.

Without moving shift your mind the the West.

With each breathe draw the Earth energy up through your tail bone.

Allow the Earth and Air to blend in your belly.

Draw in North through your hand, water.

South is Fire, allow it up the other hand.

Allow all energies to combine in your tanden

Breathe feeling the comfort of the Earth itself.

Fill yourself,  allow your roots to dig deep into the core.

Pull in cosmic energies through your crown.

Allow all the energy to combine in your belly from all directions at once.

Allow any extra energies back to the Earth with thanks


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