My Skin Routine

I get a lot of comments on my skin and how I do not look over 30. For years now Ive given up products, I don’t buy skin care stuff. I don’t use sunscreen or deodorant either.


Deodorant, contains a lot of chemicals, even the “natural” ones you can buy. Its a bunch of stuff you just don’t need on your skin. Anti-antiperspirant is much worse, as you are blocking a vital body function for ridding yourself of toxins. Less toxins in your system means less oder by the way. Eat & Drink less alcohol, meat, fried foods, wheat, sugar and dairy and you smell fresher.

Sunscreen again is full of stuff when I looked up where it comes from I realized its just not what I want to be putting on my body. Research is now showing up that there are benefits from pure sunlight being absorbed in your skin including being necessary for nutrition absorption and more.

There are hundreds of skin care products. Ive seen bathrooms overflowing with plastic bottles. How many of them do you use daily? Would you rather not be juggling the side of the tub anymore. I was tired of the clutter, and reading the ingredients on a favourite product randomly to find that they changed their recipe and I no longer wished for it to exist in my tiny spa. And all that plastic!

Since the change Ive noticed reduced pore size, stretch marks, & cellulite. Ive recently noticed moles and other blemishes on my face have either fallen off (yes literally) or simply vanished.

So what is my secret.

1 – Coconut Oil *Cold Pressed, Organic

2 – Apple cider vinegar *with the mother or at least good sediments

3 – Baking Soda *aluminum free, good stuff, not the orange box guys

4 – Epsom Salt

5 – Essential oils

Moisturizing – I learned to do a form GuaSha on myself. Using this technique and coconut oils brings toxins to the surface of your skin. (Its gray and it smells bad at first.) If you don’t want to get that deep into your skin, most techniques cause some bruising, you can just rub coconut in really well. The rubbing will warm up the cells and create better absorption. You don’t need to buy any tools, but I use the horn tool I bought for the job. There are also ones made of jade and other stones. An old credit card or the like works too.

Exfolitate – On my face I’ve found most things too harsh with the exception of baking soda. I just wet my face and then rub it around in small circles. Rinse well. I do my whole body with the exception of the delicate areas. Keep in mind your skin is more susceptible to burning now. I find sometimes my skin feels very alkaline the next day particularly in near the armpits and I will splash myself with vinegar in the next shower to neutralize.

Moisturizing and Exfoliating together – I mix about 1 cup of epsom salts with enough oils to make a body scrub consistency and I scrub my whole body down after warming my skin in the shower. I use a varying combination of oils based on mood and intuition.  Almond Oil for base, then avocado, jojoba, Evening primerose, Rosemary, Rosewater, Fennel, Cypress, Lemongrass, bergamot, Lavender, and more. You can do this in the shower but I love to scrub myself and get into a hot tub.

  • Hot water opens pores, cold water to close pores – I always seal my skin with cool water at the end of showers and exfoliating.

Sunscreen – Coconut oil, coconut oil. Reapply, Reapply. You get an spf 5, if you need more there are many oils that have more, Red Raspberry Seed, avocado and carrot, but I found just coconut sufficient for my skin. If I do burn Ill use Aloe directly from a plant and more coconut oil.

Deodorant – Right now I just reset my pit PH with Apple Cider vinegar in showers, when I feel a bit funky. Ive found most products, natural or otherwise don’t work for me, and eventually either irritate or smell worse.  Coconut oil also works well. For an anti-antiperspirant you can use witch hazel, which certainly works but again, I just didn’t like how it interacted with my body.

The last thing is to keep hydrated. This is super important for soft skin.


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