Diet Changes… But Why Vegan?

I struggled for many years with stomach issue, I had IBS before anyone could just say the letters and have understanding from others of what you had. The doctor didn’t give me medication, partly because it didn’t want any. There also wasn’t any real ‘way’ of treating Irritable Bowel at the time. He also attributed the irritation to the fact that while I had a gall stone attack several years earlier, I didn’t get it removed. I chose not to have surgery and took a cleanse and healed my body. The ultrasounds taken as a result of that appointment have disappeared btw. I’ve since had further ultrasounds. I went in for chest pains, a result of muscle irritation due to chronic cough. I had them check my gall bladder while I was there and the stones are ‘significantly reduced’. Surgery is still recommended even though I no longer have full blown attacks and have minor irritation rarely. That was around 6 years ago. I’ve not since been to a GP. I took control of my own health. At over 360lbs at estimation because the scale only went to 350, puffer in hand, taking the elevator one floor down to avoid the stairs, missed my brother’s wedding because I needed plane 2 seats, I took control once and for all of myself.

I have not been secretive about the fact that I have lost a lot of weight. In fact I try to be proud of it, in spite of my embarrassment of the attention it receives. I can attribute a good portion of my success to changing to a mostly vegan diet. It doesn’t end there because I’ve culled a lot of chemicals, bad sugars and bad fats too.

One by one I got rid of things from my diet. I watched countless weight loss shows and tried a lot of the ideas I got from them. Some of the best :

  1. Plates : 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs. I eventually got rid of carbs at night for periods of time.

2. Go through your cupboards and throw junky stuff away. YES! Its awful to throw it all away but its so helpful to not have temptations in the house.

3. For salty cravings grab nuts or seeds before the chips!

4. For sweet cravings reach for dried fruit.

*Cravings are usually a lack of something in your diet, most often minerals. Nuts are high in minerals, in particular Brazil & walnuts. Getting nuts you have to shell will slow your snacking down. NO SALT, thats cheating! Watch out for added sugars in dried fruit as well. Look out for the sulfur which holds the colour during drying process of some fruit. I found too much caused headaches.

5. Water – drink at least 1 glass at room temp before ingesting anything else for the day. This will warm up your digestive tract. Its also the best time to hydrate your body. Drink more water in general.

6. Get rid of Wheat! I said WHEAT not gluten. Gluten free products are still sometimes wheat. I use Spelt and Barley flours which still have gluten. Get it? No? Gluten is a part of the seed kernel of grain. Chemical process strips the gluten from the grain and you have gluten free wheat. Wheat has been so genetically messed with its not even itself anymore. Go for ancient grains, and watch stomach irritation and bloating disappear. I recommend going entirely without any sort of bread grains for 3 weeks to flush your system. Wheat and gluten allergies/sensitivity causes ringing in the ears, itchy ears, joint pain and headaches, cloudy thoughts, bowel irritation and more.

This is the point in my journey where I started only eating anything if it was real, unprocessed, home cooked. Lots of green stuff. I still felt yucky sometimes though, so off I went to cut more out of my diet.

No Pork – Pigs lack the same blood cleaning system humans have and get rid of toxins in their bodies through fat tissue.  This did it for me. My uncle had pigs… I knew their eating habits, they will eat almost anything.

Eggs – I noticed early on that eggs bothered me and I would generally not eat them. Egg laying hens are treated very poorly in factory conditions and as such I was buying free range local eggs. Now, with new recipes and altered favourites I have no need for eggs. Nor do I miss them.

Milk – I would buy for a special recipe. Mac and cheese, alfredo, or maybe that birthday cheesecake. Then I saw the statistics on milk production and how much its increased in 50 years. Its sad, you could jump to saying cows are tortured. The processing of milk is also ick and with all that processing traces of medications given to the cattle are still present in the milk. I now splurge on milk products from a farm whom raises their cows humanely and they volunteer to be milked. This is usually in the form of ice cream or their all natural yogurt. Ive found nut milks and coconut yogurt to be fine substitutes. However you could open my fridge and you might not find any sort of milk at all.

When I got to this point I just said, why not, I’m going to try vegetarian for a while. So I dropped beef and chicken as well. At first eating 1 meal a week that had meat, until we adjusted and we learned how to cook to get the proper nutrients. For several years now I haven’t bought meat for in my home. I have occasionally thought I needed a burger and went for it. Sometimes I really regretted it. I found choosing lamb in these instances more satisfying. Apparently lamb is high in vitamins vegetarians tend to lack most.  In the last 6 months this choice has been easier. Meat smells off to me. The smell of raw meat makes me particularly nauseous.  As for seafood, it just started tasting weird and I lost any want to eat it. If you look at the radiation forming off Fukushima and how fish are farmed or caught, its not really surprising. As my energetic vibration has risen and my senses higher I also feel the pain of the animal I consume. I choose not to eat death… harsh maybe but that is what I feel.

So here you find me now. Addicted yet to cheese. Buying wonderful nut cheese whenever possible but still appeasing that old farmer in me with some good hard old cheddar. Trips to the local cheese shops for rare small batch sheep cheese my ultimate indulgence.

But wait…. I never once mentioned Tofu!! Why? I chose not to make it a staple, because soy products can spike estrogen levels. I do buy soy milk, tofu, soy cheese, etc but I try not to get them unless I get a deal. I’m also very careful about buying “meat alternative” products like “chicken” nuggets since a lot of these have ingredients I have no idea where they come from or have wheat gluten to bind them together. Certain milks contain thickeners, that are either made from living creatures and/or are stomach irritants.

One last thing I recommend is looking at what Fats, sugars and salts you do consume. Processed? I crave less when what I do eat is good quality. Cold Pressed coconut, Olive and grapeseed oils. I don’t buy white sugar, instead I have dark brown or coconut. Ionized Salt is only for cleaning. Minerals are stripped from salt to make it perfectly white, but you need those minerals… right?


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