Divine Love

The first energetic piece I read was The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I was in my early teens and read it mostly under a very large and very old tree. The tree is gone now and I morned its passing for this reason. My mother built a flower garden over the place and I climb the large rocks to feel its decaying roots deep still with in the earth. The Earth fed with my tears shed as I tried to understand myself. I lay for days under that tree pouring over the words on the page. I paused and looked around me practicing the same things all the characters did. The world bloomed in deepening colours around me. As I read and explored the energies I was always aware of I began to wonder if I really understood what pure love felt like. The kind of unconditional love spoke about even within the Bible. I had grown to trust the Earth. I asked the tree to help me, to guide me to see and feel this pure love. I came to a place and spoke with my grandmother whom I has recently learned to be a spirit guide. She was one person I always remember feeling completely loved around and it was a great comfort to have her begin the experience. I had never traveled like this before and I was very unsure of what was happening to me. I became relaxed and found my entire self within ecstatic joy, a wholeness of acceptance of my being, flaws and all. I just was and was loved for who that was. I understood pure love and higher vibrational patterning. I felt it return everyday from that point on whenever I gave it to the plants, animals and nature around me. The energy increases and comes back higher and higher every time.

Remaining in this state of love improves even the most difficult situations as well. In practice this can be hard to maintain. If you falter, get back up and try again. Energy is fluid and patient. You can only change how you react not how others will, if their energy seems stubborn thats okay, love them for it anyways. Carry on your journey knowing you have changed and grown.


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