My Skin Routine

I get a lot of comments on my skin and how I do not look over 30. For years now Ive given up products, I don’t buy skin care stuff. I don’t use sunscreen or deodorant either. Why? Deodorant, contains a lot of chemicals, even the “natural” ones you can buy. Its a bunch of […]

Quick 10 points on my Dreadlocks

I get heaps of comments on my dreadlocks. Not all flattering. I am writing to dispelled some shit people say about dreads and educate those who are simply curious. I WASH my dreads! At least weekly! with Dr. Bronners. I use Apple Cider vinegar when they feel full of build up and nasty(beach days). I […]

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

One big thing that always interested me since I was only about 7 years old was chemistry. At home my mother used a few “kitchen supplies” for cleaning products, I always marvelled at how vinegar that made our pickles sour also cleaned away the grimy film on the windows. Once science in school caught up […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

The best apple cider vinegar is full of extra microbes and other fantastic things over processed vinegar will lack. Its those things that make using it for hygiene so fantastic.  Quality is important as should be with all things that you use on the largest organ, your skin. Apple cider vinegar with sediments and gunk […]