Divine Love

The first energetic piece I read was The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I was in my early teens and read it mostly under a very large and very old tree. The tree is gone now and I morned its passing for this reason. My mother built a flower garden over the place and I […]

Diet Changes… But Why Vegan?

I struggled for many years with stomach issue, I had IBS before anyone could just say the letters and have understanding from others of what you had. The doctor didn’t give me medication, partly because it didn’t want any. There also wasn’t any real ‘way’ of treating Irritable Bowel at the time. He also attributed […]

My Skin Routine

I get a lot of comments on my skin and how I do not look over 30. For years now Ive given up products, I don’t buy skin care stuff. I don’t use sunscreen or deodorant either. Why? Deodorant, contains a lot of chemicals, even the “natural” ones you can buy. Its a bunch of […]


I have undertaken a huge amount of change in a short time. I calculate my location changed 8 or so times in the last year. Considering I lived in the same place for the last 11 years;the same county all my life, this is an astonishing amount of change for me. I’ve barely even left […]

Crystals from Cultus Lake, BC

I have found that the best part about travelling around and exploring my universe has been the variety of frequencies I can explore and experience. My favourite being all the fabulous crystal shops I’ve found in my journeys. Larsonite -The best I could find out about this crystal was what the shop owner said;  its […]

Sunny Phoenix

There were days that scorched and blazed. Days the phoenix energy burned strong. Southern flame drew close and warmed my skin. Earth was hot and baked. I welcomed the burning embrace. I fed it my own fire. I fed it. Watched it burn. Tears steam. I called upon the Phoenix fire, I let it gain […]

Alchemy Compass

I found myself in a very uneasy place in my head. Everything whizzed by my eyes at terrifying speed. Possible time lines, thoughts, emotions; of people, plants and animals. My view was blinding my ability to see it all and take it in. I was burning out. Thats when I came back to doing a […]